"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." -Walt Disney

Well that was a doozy! My day began nice and early. Registration didn’t open until 7, but I was up by five. It’s a commonly known fact that you have not had the whole Disney experience until you’ve stood in a queue line. Disney seems to be one of the best companies at making a lot of people stand really close and feel like they’re going somewhere, when they really only come back to about a foot from where they started. Check-in for the College Program was Disney queuing at its finest. There were so many stations and so much different paperwork. It was crazy. By the end of the first building, I had a parking decal, a resident card (complete with a really unflattering photo of myself that had been stretched sideways to fit in the space), a program manual, and papers about classes, safety, the whole shebang. It was all very efficient.

Then I went to Casting. Casting was actually pretty cool. It wouldn’t have been a Disney experience without queuing of course. The first room we were in was a rotunda with gold characters all around the outside. That was the last room we were allowed to take photos in. After that, it was all officially “Backstage” and if there’s one thing you don’t do at Disney (other than puke all over a kid), it’s take photos “Backstage”. Big no no. So I’ll put a few pictures of the rotunda, but other than that, no photos. It’s all rather dull anyways. An office building is an office building. We were shuffled from department to department and they took care of all our paperwork, background checks, you name it. I met a bunch of people, including a girl named Kae, who works in the same area as me. It’s official, I’m working Hollywood Studios Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and Fantasmic. I actually got to meet one of my leaders today. He was handling some of the first stages of the security part.

By the time I was finished all that, it was around 11 AM. So four hours, not too shabby. Still, those four hours seemed to stretch on and on and if you asked me to re-walk the path I took through casting, I couldn’t. Luckily I’m done for the day, then tomorrow I have just one meeting, Wednesday is free, and Thursday is Traditions, where I will receive the coveted Disney name tag and my employee card, which will get me into the park. Training at Hollywood Studios begins on Friday at the Costuming department.

Right now I’m just exhausted, but I can’t get onto the internet because my computer and the router just aren’t cooperating. =( So these entries will be a little backlogged, once I finally get it going (if I finally get it going). Right now I’m just so tired, a nap sounds wonderful, but I think that I’ll take a walk and explore my new home at Chatham Square.

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