"Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language." -Walt Disney

Wow! I can't believe it's already September! Where did the summer go?? I know it's been a while since I've published anything and I apologize for that. We'll just have to make up for lost time now, I guess!
So you all know that I've been taking an American Sign Language course for the last few weeks. It's been going great! We just have one more class left, a silent dinner. We'll all go to Chili's and we won't say a word. It'll be tricky, especially since I don't think our vocabulary list included "I'd like a burger, hold the pickles." Oh well, that's what paper is for, I guess. I've really been having a blast in this class and have been learning a lot. I've also met a lot of cool people (i.e. a former Power Ranger). Next week I plan to test for my ASL language pin, so I will officially have it on my nametag. Cool huh?
August has past since the last time I updated you guys and I must say, it was interesting. Still quite busy, although now it's tapering off. If July is the month of the Portuguese tour groups, August is the month of the Brits and the Northeasterners. Is that even a word? Now, these groups are significantly easier to handle than the tour groups, mainly because they generally speak English (although some of those accents are a little hard to read through) and they generally aren't as rowdy. There are also less of them. With school back in session for the Floridians pretty early (like early August, early), the parks are less crowded and that means less lines, but also more downtime on the part of Cast Members. It's been a little hard to keep working the same hours I was during the heavy summer months, but I have little worry. Soon Christmas will be upon us. Now isn't that ominous!
In addition to ASL and less Guests, it's also APPLICATION TIME! Yep, the most dreaded part that just about every college student hates, applying for jobs/internships. I've applied for three different Professional Internships, in hopes that I will get them all and have to decide between the three of them. Barring that, I wouldn't mind getting at least one. The good news is, I've just had my phone interview! Whew! So the interview process is behind me. Now I just have an information session about the YES program and then an in-person audition and then it will be out of my hands.
The three Professional Internships I've applied for are Youth Education Series (YES) Facilitator, Guest Relations, and Services for Guests with Disabilities. YES is really cool because it's teaching school-age children, in the Disney parks! It's right up my alley. I mean, I've been teaching karate for years now, and I did all that YLT stuff. Guest Relations and Services for Guest with Disabilities were more recent thoughts. Since I've gotten here, I've come to realize that what I like most about my job is making peoples' vacations. I've gotten pretty good at making kids smile and when the kid is smiling, the parents usually are too (as long as it hasn't cost them an arm and a leg). Guest Relations is more for troubleshooting, I think. Maybe your day hasn't been so magical. Not a problem. Guest Relations Woman to save the day! Services for Guests with Disabilities was even more recent. Actually it came about as a result of my ASL class. As I've been learning more about Deaf culture, I've become more aware to people who have disabilities. I want to make sure they have what they need, even if maybe it's just a little bit extra. All three of them are internships that obviously sounded interesting to me, but are also internships that I think I could excel at. I'm not going to give you my cover letter in summary here, but let's just say my fingers are crossed and I'm checking my dashboard everyday. As soon as I know more, obviously it will go on Facebook, then it will come here.
Whew! I know I promised you a long post, but...really I think I've covered it. Right now I'm just waiting I guess. Ugh! I hate the Waiting Game! It's almost as bad as the Quiet Game!